• Vegetarian Agedashi Tofu

    Deep Fried Tofu in Sauce.
  • Wafu Salad

    Japanese Salad in Wafu Dressing.
  • Kimchi

    Spicy Korean Pickled Vegetables.
  • Nasu Dengaku

    Deep Fried Eggplant served in Miso Sauce.
  • Seaweed Salad

  • Renkon Chips

    Lotus Root Chips with Green Tea Salt.
  • Tofu Dengaku

    Deep Fried Tofu served in Miso Sauce.
  • Edamame

    Salted Soy Beans.
  • Vegetable Yaki Ramen

    Stir Fried Ramen with Vegetables.
  • Vegetarian Hiyashi Chuka

    Cold noodles served with Vegetables & Egg in Special Sauce.
  • Yasai Teriyaki Don

    Assortment of Vegetables Stir-Fried with Teriyaki Sauce on Rice.
  • Vegetarian Chahan

    Fried Rice with Egg & Vegetables.
  • Nasu Curry Don

    Eggplant, Potatoes, Carrot with Japanese Curry on Rice.
  • Vegetarian Kimchi Chahan

    Stir Fried Rice with Kimchi, Egg & Vegetables.
  • Tofu Curry

    Tofu with Japanese Curry on Rice.
  • Yasai Teriyaki Bento

    Yasai Teriyaki, Wafu Salad, Edamame, Seaweed Salad & Rice.
  • Yasai Teriyaki

    Combination of Vegetables Stir-Fried with Teriyaki Sauce served with a Bowl of Rice.
  • Mixed Yasai Yaki

    Assortment of Stir-Fried Vegetables & Mushroom served with a bowl Rice.
  • Note : Menu items differ from outlet to outlet.