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  • Shigemitsu Katsuaki

    President of Ajisen Ramen franchise

    Shigemitsu Katsuaki was born in 1968 coincidentally the year Ajisen Ramen was set up by his father, Shigemitsu Takaharu. Shigemitsu Takaharu is the first person that created Kumamoto style ramen.

    After graduating from the university, he went on to Osaka to learn the skill of manufacturing noodles. He then worked as head chef in one of the Ajisen Ramen outlet in Kumamoto, Japan. He also assisted his father in the operation of the restaurants and factory business.

    After Shigemitsu Takaharu passed away in 1997, he became the president of Ajisen Ramen. He then went on to revamp the brand and aggressively expand its brand overseas. In 1996, Hong Kong became the first overseas branch. It has since then expanded to 130 countries and more than 750 outlets worldwide.

  • Osamu Honda

    Senior Vice President Head Chef, Kumamoto

    Osamu Honda joined Ajisen Ramen 15 years ago, he started his passion for food as a part-time chef in 1996 at Ajisen Ramen store in Kumamoto. He went on to train for 3 months at the headquarter's cooking management in 2000. After intensive training at the Ajisen Ramen headquarters, he was appointed to assist with the set up of his first international franchise store in New York, 2001.

    Upon returning to Japan in 2002, he assisted with set up and work at the Ramen stadium in Fukuoka. Later in the year in August 2002, he returned to work at the Kumamoto's 1st flagship store. Later that year in October, Osamu was appointed to Thailand and spent half a year setting up and overseeing the operations. Shortly after in 2003, he was appointed to setup the 4th Ajisen Ramen store in Singapore.

    Next arriving in Melbourne in 2004, Osamu aided in setting up, training and overseeing operations at Australia's first Ajisen Ramen store.

    In 2005 Canada's store was also set up by Osamu and in 2006 he headed back to headquarters in Japan.

    Gracing Australia's shore again, Osamu was back in 2007 to set up additional Ajisen Ramen stores in Sydney and Brisbane.

    Promoted in 2008 to become Ajisen Ramen's director and chief officer of the overseas division, he is currently responsible of overseeing all overseas operations.

  • Say Hue, Tan

    Head Chef

    Hue began his culinary career in 2007 as a kitchenhand at Sambal Kampung. With his flair for cooking, he was promoted to chef within half a year. He then stayed with Sambal Kampung till 2009.

    He then moved to Claypot King in 2010 to further and improve his culinary skills. Wanting to branch out and learning additional flavors of the world he joined the Ajisen Ramen Melbourne team in 2010.

  • Ji Dong, Li


    With several years experience as a chef, Ji Dong joined the Ajisen Ramen team in 2004.

    In 2007 he became part owner of Ajisen Ramen Melbourne and is currently responsible for quality assurance.

  • Cheng Ying

    Owner of Ajisen Ramen Hawthorn
  • Peng Liu

    Owner of Ajisen Ramen Glen Waverley

    Peng started out working at Pizza Haven as a delivery man and a pizza maker. He then moved on to work at Nagoya as a part time kitchenhand. Soon he was working there full time at the sushi bar and was promoted to store manager.

    Thinking of trying and gaining new experiences in another industry, he worked as a salesman for a telecommunication company for a year.

    After, he decided F&B is his passion and decided to acquire Ajisen Ramen Glen Waverley and is now working full time in store.

  • Frank Gong

    Owner of Ajisen Ramen Glen Waverley

    Frank started his career as a kitchen hand in Magic City restaurant. He then diverted and went to work as a shop assistant at 7-Eleven. Later on, he went to work at Crown Casino as a card dealer. After 2 years he decided to open up a Wendy's ice cream store and was running the store for 4 years.

    Wanting to try his hand at a food business, he made the decision to acquire Ajisen Ramen Glen Waverley and is now working full time as a manager in store.